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Vote No and send a message to LWSD that they need to be more effective.

What are the politicians doing about my other taxes?

From Seattle times April 5, 2019, "After a less-than-crisp debate in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, the Senate Ways & Means Committee voted 13-9 to allow school districts to sharply increase local property taxes to fund education. Yes, that is on top of much higher state property taxes imposed by the Legislature. "Click to read entire piece.

How much additional property taxes can your family afford?

Last year Lake Washington School district and other public school districts started receiving billions of dollars more from a new state property tax and Lake Washington voters approved two special levies totaling $100 million per year for 2019 thru 2022.  Now just one year later they are back with an additional special levy of $20 million per year for six years, 2020 thru 2025.  If approved, this latest levy will cost taxpayers 29 cents per $1000 of assessed valuation or $145 per year on a $500,000 home for the next 6 years.  At the same time, voters are also being asked to approve a 30 year $345 million bond program for Evergreen Hospital that will cost taxpayers 18 cents per $1000 of assessed valuation or $90 per year on a $500,000 home for the next 30 years.  And right now the State Legislature appears ready to increase the allowable special levies for public schools by another $1 per $1000 assessed valuation.  It’s time to tell the politicians to stop raising taxes every year by voting “NO” on the Lake Washington levy.

The levy proponents say they are just keeping the same tax rate so why will my taxes keep going up?

Politicians often try to hide tax increases and they know that many voters will read “no rate increase” as “no tax increase” but that’s unfair to taxpayers.  The tax you pay is computed by multiplying the tax rate times the value of your home, apartment or business. Since property values in the Lake Washington school district have been rapidly increasing each year recently, they fully understand that keeping the rate the same will still deliver them a much bigger tax increase.  Vote “NO” to stop the unfair taxes.

Washington State’s Constitution limits property taxes.  Why do our property taxes keep going up?

Our state constitution does have a 1 percent of assessed valuation limit on property taxes because our state’s founders had seen how excessive property taxes can literally tax people out of their homes, farms and businesses.  However, they left one loophole – voters can vote to exceed that constitutional limit with special levies and Washington voters have been pretty generous with their approvals.  Currently according to the King County Auditor, voter approved special property taxes make up roughly 32% of our property taxes. If you want lower property taxes, you need to vote “NO”.

When your ballot arrives, Please vote NO on LWSD Propositions 1 Then mail or put in ballot drop box it in by April 23!

These Propositions are the wrong plan at the wrong time.




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