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Please Help Us Reach Others!

We're running a low-cost, highly-efficient campaign to reach as many voters as possible.
Every dollar you contribute will be used effectively and immediately.
No more than $5,000 will be spent on the entire campaign;
we will refund any amounts in excess of this limit.

We are not accepting credit card donations, so we can save the cost of bank processing fees.

The most we can accept from any person or company is $500. If you contribute more than $100, please also include your occupation, employer, and employer city

Please mail your check to:

Unfair School Taxes Committee
18024 NE 99TH CT,

If you'd like us to pick up your check so we can put it to use immediately,
Please send us email at info@UnfairTaxes.net,.

Please include your name, phone, email, and address with your check.

Thanks very much!


Paid for by Unfair School Taxes Committee - 18024 NE 99TH CT REDMOND WA 98052 - Email: info@UnfairTaxes.net